HEY! I'm Alannah!

I’m a wedding photographer based in this crazy little city Perth, WA. You can almost certainly win me over with memes and anything history related, I also dig a good rainy day + a solid book (I am defiantly a home body and slightly introverted) and if it counts for anything i’m an INFP personality type, oh and i love THE OFFICE.I am probably the most laid-back, no worries kinda girl you’ll come across in your wedding planning journey (and hey maybe even Perth in general). I’m all about digging deep to find the real stuff, I want these photos to be just about you guys, i’ll make sure everything is covered from speeches to details but more importantly I want to capture the soul– that is the most important thing to me; emotion > perfection



Before you consider me to be apart of your day please consider these words; if you are just wanting pretty pictures like you’ll see on my instagram or website we may not be a great fit

You have to be open to me, trust me, and let me encourage intimacy, what you see in those photos are not couples who just listened to directions, they opened up and showed me their heart, how they love and why they are with their person, you have to meet me half way to let me serve you, i refuse to just be another vendor to cross off your to-do-list

If this is something you may not be able to do we most likely wont be a good fit, and thats ok! You deserve someone who fits your wants and needs, but just remember if all your goal is get instagram worthy photos, or photos are just a second thought to you thats fine- but not me, i want your heart and soul to be all you see because at the end of the day, this job is my heart and i dont take that lightly