Not just for the wild and adventurous, this is for everyone

Show me your deep, I'm all about the connection, the feeling, not getting some epic instagram photo, so you have to be open with me, share your heart with me and I guarantee you'll feel these images to your core

About me

I hate talking about myself but I guess you should know who will be shooting the shit out of you

Em + Dj

When DJ and I first saw your photos, we knew person behind the lense of these photos must be pretty bloody special. It wasn’t until we met you that we realized just how special you truly are.

We were so blown away when we met you – you were kind, honest, genuine and showed us that you have a heart of gold. Seeing you each time before our wedding and on our day felt like we were seeing one of our mates. We never felt uncomfortable and now encourage each other with “yeahhhh gurrrlllll” and “ohhhh stop it”.

You are so incredibly talented and I’m so happy that you have found your home in wedding photography. Whoever books you in the future is going to be so lucky – not only to have the memories that you capture but more importantly, you in their lives.

Cassie + Rory

Lana captured the essence of who we are as a couple perfectly. The contrasting joy and sincerity of our special day can be permanently remembered through her photos. She naturally blended into the crowd, capturing the raw emotions and reactions and eliminating the need for uncomfortable poses. She took the time to get to know us and the things we valued so that she could truly capture who we are. Her photos exceeded expectations and stand as a permanent reminder of our commitment to one another.
We could not have asked for a better day or a better person to capture it all.

Michelle + Scott

How nice it is to look at all of these and relive the day and all the moments that seemed to just fly by!!

I must say Lana, what you have done here is captured the ‘feel’ of the day, rather than just the visuals, it’s brought back all these wonderful memories of the speeches and just the fun in the room and your gallery just fills me with love looking at these beautiful photos of our people there with us on the night. I don’t have one favourite I have many – you are one talented lady.

We are eternally grateful for having you there with us on the day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Neaks + Brad

Honestly Lana where do we begin? We absolutely love our photos. You captured everything so perfectly. You are such an artist and a talent. It’s such a gift to be able to do what you do. There are so many moments we missed but thanks to you we get the re live every memory and emotion over again and again.
We hired you as our photographer but we made a legend of a friend. GIRL YOU ARE AMAZING and we bloody love our photos. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
So much love the Walders