so you managed to find my little corner on the internet, pretty stoked about that and I appreciate the time you take to read about me and my biz
Hi There, I’m Alannah!
what I do + things I dig

I'm a wedding photographer based in this crazy little city Perth, WA. You can almost certainly win me over with memes and anything history related, I also dig a good rainy day + a solid book (I am defiantly a home body and slightly introverted) and if it counts for anything i'm an INFP personality type, oh and i love THE OFFICE.

I am probably the most laid-back, no worries kinda girl you'll come across in your wedding planning journey (and hey maybe even Perth in general). I'm all about those love-drenched, fleeting moments of your story and I want these photos to be just about you guys, sure you'll get your details and family shots, but i'm chasing the real stuff, I want to get the big moments the loud ones and the quiet ones, the moments that make you truly feel something - that is the most important thing to me; emotion > perfection.